Changing Healthcare

Building, growing,
investing, advising

What we do to make a difference

The Hive invests in, builds, grows and advises emerging healthcare delivery models and legacy health systems to lower the cost of care and improve care.

Lowering the cost of Care for Consumers

Smart Choice MRI was a retail-based diagnostic imaging company. The Hive grew the business from just one location in Wisconsin to 15 across multiple states. The focus was on lowering the cost of care for diagnostic imaging, while also offering an optimized patient experience. The company was sold to Rayus Radiology.

Improving Outcomes with Surgical Innovation

Ovation Hand Institute offers an advanced solution for carpal tunnel release that significantly improves the long recovery time typically associated with traditional surgical approaches. The Hive built and ran the business from the inception of the idea to 4 locations across multiple states. Today, Ovation continues to get people back to their lives with its superior surgical technique.

Building Brands

Ready Rebound provides healthcare navigation and support for first responders. The model brings first responders back to work faster and at a lower cost while providing the highest level of care. The Hive partnered to provide business structure development and branding support to ensure the company was prepared for significant expansion. 

Lowering the Cost of Care for Health Systems

Shockbox was created to lower the cost of care for health systems. The company created, tested, and proved a new model across several hospitals and health systems, consistently securing significant savings. The Hive is further developing and expanding this model.

Investing in the Future

Aluvis offers breakthrough device sanitation. It has developed an intuitive, safe, and easy-to-use system for employees and the general public to help reduce the risk of spreading pathogens and human disease. The Hive is an investor in Aluvis helping to grow their model.